Leeway? or whatever that word is?

Okay so yes the word is leeway. Where is the leeway in relationships? I feel like there needs to be some kind of balance where one partner does as much for the other partner as the other partner does for them. I also think both need to make time for each other.

If a relationship is off balance it is just going to cause stress. Let me tell you stress is not good. Stress has cause me tension headaches, cold sores, styes in the eye, fatigue, and it has caused me to overeat… NOT GOOD!

I feel like woman need that single woman time, at least once a week when they are in a relationship to remind them of who they are and that someone somewhere is thinking of them. It could be as simple as a shopping outing, out for coffee with a girlfriend or tea with a niece or nephew, anything really.

To be honest I don’t know what men need. If they really love their woman…maybe its okay for them to go out once in a while with the guys.

The most important thing though…is not to get caught up in a relationship where you are just used to each other so you just keep each other around.  When this happens you just miss out on other opportunities, and fall into a boring routine. Not that I am not saying routine is bad….trust me I love routine…but boring routine is bad. I feel that in a strong relationship each partner should have a omg I can’t live without them feeling once a day.

Please strive for that everyday!


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