Regrets and Relationships.

I know that you have regrets, we all have regrets and relationship regrets are no exception. To grow in life we honestly at times need to reflect upon these regrets and maybe sometimes all we can do is hope to have the right regrets. Life is all about interconnections, growth, love and growing in and with love. Love doesn’t have to be solely between two people. You may have love for the chair next to you right now. However sometimes the most important regrets are those that we have from past relationships. Those past relationships have taught us something about ourselves. Sometimes they have even brought out the worst in oneself. It is important to not hide these regrets under the bed but to have acknowledged that you have learnt from them. It is not necessary to analyze everything that went wrong from a past Relationship. It is necessary to accept what happened.

When the action is over and we look back, we understand both more and less.”

It is important on another note however to never fully regret any relationship because at one time it was exactly what you wanted. Who knows maybe by the time we are all older we will regret the things we didn’t do.


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