Don’t Sweat Too Much Over a New Beginning

Reading into it

Let’s face it. Us girls we analyze everything when it comes to a guy we are into from a text to the way they say hi. We analyze the time it took someone to respond to a text, we make a huge deal about a smiley or “winky” face added in at the end of a text or not. On dates we make sure they are gentlemen, we look at the way they open the doors for us, and if they even do…we make sure that they buy us a drink when we are out and more. The question is how much of this analyzing is crazy and how much of this is perfectly fine and normal?

Don’t over think it

Girls don’t you agree that we all sometimes need to relax? “Keep calm and carry on” is just what we need to hear on those days that we can’t stop analyzing things to do with a relationship.  If a guy is into you, he will text you. If he is not then he is simply not into you or he is just plain and simply busy. However all we can do is wait, and let time tell us.

Guys, help us out

However guys need to help us out. If you say you are going to text a girl or meet them at a certain time and you actually care about them, then do it! It’s bad style to not let them know what’s going on if you’ve made previous plans and are running late or something came up. It’s bad style to not reply to a text if you really are into a girl. It doesn’t matter if it is hours later, as long as you do. It is also bad style if you are not into a girl and you decide to ignore their texts and hope that they get the hint. Do not be afraid to be direct.

Being Direct

Sometimes being direct is the best way to live life. Life is too short to play silly games. I am not saying rush into things; I am strictly saying playing games is going out of style, especially as we get older.  Being direct also earns us a lot of respect. I personally think many can agree that when people are direct with you in life, you later on end up respecting them much more.  Sometime it really is better just to connect with people as a real human being.

Rejection can always have a good outcome

We really do have nothing to lose as young college student these days when it comes to relationships. When I say rejection can always have a good outcome, I really mean it. Good really can come out of everything that happens to us in life.  Just saying that we really do have nothing to lose!

One more thing…

Make your own fairytale when it comes to new love. Do not let your friends ever make you feel bad about the way you feel about someone. Remember that advice is just advice; you may choose to do what you want with it.


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