10 Good Things for a Relationship!

The best things to do in a relationship, not in any specific order.

1. Know that no one is perfect. Humans make mistakes. Some mistakes are unforgivable but many are not.

2. Communicate.  Communication is key. Both partners need to be patient. Listen to each other and talk often.

3. Have meaningful conversation. Talk about the places you’d like to visit, the funniest moments of your life, best friends, families, favorite sport teams and the list goes on.

4. Breath. Stress, anger and doubt will ruin you. Think positively and take time for yourself to do the things you love such as running, painting or going out for coffee with a best friend.

5. Don’t be afraid to be romantic. The goofiest guy can be romantic in his own way (in my experience). It doesn’t take much, and if you’re really in love, it will come naturally.

6. Laugh together, often. One of my guy friends once told me that if a girl is not laughing within the first five minutes of a conversation when meeting a new guy, then she should leave.

7. Remember to let your girlfriend/boyfriend know what they’ve done to earn their keep and do this often. Praise one another, whether it is for the little things or big things. Compliment one another. If you have nothing to compliment the other person about, then you’re probably not in the best relationship, sorry.

8. Take time to do things together. Relationships sink when too many passengers are on board. Make sure you remember to spend quality time,  just the two of you.

9. Participate once in a while in activities that your boyfriend or girlfriend loves that you do not necessary love. You will learn more about each other and he or she will appreciate your support. I remember bringing my ex-boyfriends to watch synchronized swimming with me. I’m sure it was brutal for them at times to sit in the heat in the stands of a pool and be blinded by glitter all day long however my appreciation for them grew so much in just those few hours.

10. Takes risks. Risk that you will be together for a long time, risk a long distance, risk telling someone how you feel, risk it all.


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