Is there a perfect man/woman for you?

Is there a perfect man/woman for you?

Here’s the thing. You will never meet someone that is 100% perfect for you. Never. You will meet someone that is 80-99% perfect for you. You should not settle for anyone that is lower than that percentage.

Many of us have lists, either consciously or subconsciously, of what we are looking for in someone else. These lists develop over time through life experiences. Some narrow down what they want early and others take more time. Neither is better than the other. Timing is everything. However, we must let time tell us on its own time.

The more connections you make during your young adulthood, the better. We learn not only through experience but through other people. Either through experiencing events with them or through the stories they share of their life experiences.

Whether you believe that our paths are set out for us or that we constantly create our own paths, life goes on and we must often go with what makes us happiest (within reason).

Deep down, I truly believe that we know what is best for us. If you have any doubts about being in a relationship with someone, wait. Do not rush into things. Take time to realize the situation. Always know that love hurts, but it is always worth it.

So, make your time worth the effort. Be cautious and be with the one you feel is best. Again, the best is not always the one that has 100% in common with you or the one who has never pissed you off. We are all human and humans make mistakes. We need to accept those mistakes for the ones we love and want to be with.

Date the One

Date the one who calls, and I don’t mean that one that calls between 10 p.m. and 2 a.m.

The one who remembers your favorite drink from the first date or remembers that you liked only milk in your coffee.

The one who makes a point of asking how your day was.

The one who smiles when you say hi.

The one who remembers how many brothers and sisters you have and possibly their names.

The one who makes a point of being on time when you plan to get together.

Feel free to add suggestions to the list!

Be with the One

. . .who calls you, not texts only.

The one who sits on the edge of your bed as you pack your stuff up for a trip and tells you how much they are going to miss you.

The one who can tell what your thinking just by the way you look at them.

The one who lets you go out and get crazy with your friends and all that is asked is that you make sure you them let know later that you got home safe.

The one that wants to actually hang out with you when you are sick.

The one you want to pick you up from the airport when you come home from a trip.


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